Best Off Road Helmets Under 5000 in India

Best Off Road Helmets Under 5000

Which off-road helmet should you choose?

Here are our top-rated picks for 2023:

Off Road Motocross Helmet
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By Gunjan Mehta | Updated 04/08/22

Do you want to find the top off-road helmets under 5000 in India? If you answered yes, I am here to assist you! In this blog article, we will look at some of the most popular brands of helmets available in India that provide excellent safety features at a reasonable price.

When riding a two-wheeler in India, it is required to wear a helmet. However, purchasing the best and safest helmet may be fairly costly. Off-road helmets are intended for use away from the streets and on dirt roads. The sun visors and expanded chin portion distinguish these off-road helmets. These helmets are often devoid of a visor. For eye protection, off-roaders prefer to use separate goggles.

Aside from appearance, there are several more crucial factors to consider while purchasing a new motorcycle helmet. Here’s a list best off road motorcycle helmet in 2023:

The best Best Motorbike Helmets in India for Off-Roading

If you’re going off-roading or participating in extreme sports, make sure you have a high-quality helmet to ensure your safety. Now that you’ve seen so many headgears on the market, you may feel a little overwhelmed.

However, before making a snap selection, have a look at our list of the finest Indian off road motorcycle helmets. Each of these headgears is well explained here, so you may decide which one best suits your needs.


Best Vega Helmet: Vega off Road ABS D/V

Aerodynamically shaped ABS material shell. ISI CM/L no. 8300128208 and IS no. IS 4151:2015 certify this product.

Metallic Silent fastener with quick release. The detachable and washable lining helps the helmet stay fresher, longer between cleanings, removable nose guard, and Collarbone safe profile. It is also resistant to odors. It is washable.

UV and scratch-resistant. Easy Visor mechanism, tinted polycarbonate sun visor, tinted polycarbonate visor included. It has one mouth vent, two air input side vents, four exhaust back vents, and a new, attractive peak.

ColourDull White Black
Vehicle Service TypeOff-Road Bike
Item Weight1250 Grams

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Best Aerodynamic: Steelbird SBH-13 / SB-42 Bang

Buckle measuring in micrometers that comply with European standards. Multi-Layer EPS (Thermocol) Featuring Varying Densities (High and Low) for Enhanced Safety Featuring Air Channels

Italian-designed and manufactured, the hygienic inside has multiple breathable padding and a neck protector for added comfort. Kit featuring an anti-scratch coating on the visor and a quick-release visor mechanism.

ColourMatt Black White with Clear Visor
Vehicle Service TypeOff-Road Bike
MaterialHigh Impact ABS Material Shell

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Best design: Studds Thunder D1 Matt Black N1 M/R

Design that is both aerodynamic and forceful. Liner and cheek pads that are removable, washable, and replaceable. Polycarbonate visor that has been silicon hard coated in order to provide increased scratch resistance.

Mechanism with a quick-release chinstrap for simplicity of operation and increased security. A system of ventilation designed to make the rider feel more comfortable while they are driving. The outside shell was injected with a specialized technical thermoplastic that had a high impact grade. Concussion padding is made of regulated density EPS and lined with anti-allergic velveteen that has been properly treated.

UV rays of the highest grade Paints are made of resistant polyurethane that is used to improve the appearance. Clear, smoke-tinted, mirror and rainbow-colored spare visors are all available to choose from. Sizes m (570 mm), l (580 mm), and xl (600 mm) are all available for purchase.

Inner Material‎Expanded Polystyrene
Outer Material‎Plastic, Polycarbonate
Item Weight‎1 kg 350 g

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Best Material: Storm Dull Battle Green Helmet-M

Metallic Buckle with a quick release and quiet closure. Removable and washable liner, as well as a removable nose guard and a profile that is safe for the collarbone. It is also odor resistant, which helps the helmet remain clean for a longer period of time between cleanings.

It’s resistant to scratches and ultraviolet light. Visor is made of optical polycarbonate, a simple mechanism for the visor, and it comes with a secondary sun visor that is made of polycarbonate with a tinted finish. Aerodynamic Ventilation, one mouth vent with a honeycomb design, two top vents, two side vents for air entry, and two rear and bottom side vents for exhaust.

Outer Material‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Colour‎Dull Battle Green
Manufacturer‎Vega Auto Accessories Pvt Ltd
Country of Origin‎India
Item Weight‎1 kg 490 g

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Best buckle: Vega Off Road D/V

Every rider’s first love, the Off-Road D/V from Vega Helmets, with its flamboyant style and color, is all prepared to command the road. The Vega Off Road D/V helmet comes with an updated peak design in addition to its aerodynamically constructed shell that allows for the correct flow of air to provide the rider with the highest possible level of comfort as well as safety.

The detachable and washable liner that is also odor resistant, enabling the helmet to remain fresher for longer in between cleanings. Removable and replaceable with optional pads of varying thicknesses for a more tailored fit. Removable nose guard and removable wind protection. Collarbone safe profile.

Buckle with a quick release and micrometric measurements made of metal. Resistant against scratches and ultraviolet light. It has a visor made of optical polycarbonate, and it also has a solar visor that is made of tinted polycarbonate. It has a quick-release visor mechanism, which makes it possible to change visors in a smooth and simple manner.

ColourDull Red
Vehicle Service TypeOff-Road Bike
Item Weight1200 Grams
Specification Met(unset)

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Best Comfort: Steelbird Off Road Turf Motocross

So Steelbird Helmet Moto-Cross are designed to handle major impact energy and often have a layer of crushable foam. These helmets have also been approved by the ISI. When you have an accident and hit a hard surface, the thermo-foam in a helmet will crumple, which will control the crash energy and extend the amount of time that your head will stop moving by approximately six-thousandths of a second, which will reduce the peak impact that will be felt by the brain.

It is anticipated that the crushing will result in a reduction in rotational forces as well as internal tensions. Steelbird’s helmets are equipped with sturdy padding, which is primarily there for the wearer’s comfort. Because of the force and the acuteness of the collision, the squishy foam just collapses instantaneously.

Instead of yanking your head to a halt during an impact, the majority of our helmets include a smooth plastic skin that retains the foam intact as it smashes and helps the helmet glide effortlessly across the surface of the impact. Rounder helmets are safer for sports that entail forward speed on the uneven surfaces because they skid more readily. These activities include cycling and skateboarding.

ColourMatt Midnight Black with Smoke Visor
Vehicle Service TypeOff-Road Bike
MaterialHigh Impact ABS Material Shell

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Best Off Road Helmets Under 5000 in India

Things to consider when buying the best off road helmet

Internal Padding and liners

The liners and padding found within the helmet are the components that truly determine how effectively it conforms to your head. As was just mentioned, there is just one shell size that can be utilized for a variety of different-sized helmets. After putting on the helmet, the first thing you need to do is check to see if there are any pressure points or hot places. Place particular emphasis on the temple, forehead, and cheeks.

In order to accommodate the climate in India, you need to ensure that the liners are capable of soaking up moisture and are simple to remove and replace after being cleaned. If you didn’t do it, you would wind up with a stinky helmet.

Straps and attachment

The first thing you have to look at is whether or not the chin straps have cushioning that is both suitably plush and sufficiently thick underneath them. In order to prevent your neck from being inflamed once the chin straps have been fastened by the continuous rubbing of the straps.

Another feature to watch out for is a “hook and loop” fastening method for the dangling portion of the chin strap that is normally left behind after the helmet has been fastened. You won’t enjoy the continual flapping of the strap when you’re riding.

There is a good reason why the traditional “D-Ring” system, which is sometimes referred to as the Double D-Ring system, can be found on the vast majority of high-end helmets. They weigh very little, can be adjusted in any way imaginable, and cannot be damaged or worn out in any way. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using micrometric buckles. We just think that it is something that only adds weight and complexity to a solution for which there already exists an excellent answer accessible; in the shape of a D-Ring.


The field of view, or the amount of the surrounding environment that can be seen after the helmet is on, is the first item that should be evaluated in a helmet. Because they ride in such a stooped position, the majority of sports bike riders have a need for a more expansive field of view. The broader the perspective, the better it is.

Having a helmet that lets you replace the visor without the need for tools gives you the ability to do it whenever you feel the need, regardless of where you are. These days, the majority of high-quality helmets are equipped with this feature.

Final thoughts

If you are in the market for a new helmet and are interested in getting the most bang for your buck, we suggest that you have a look at our top 6 helmets that can be purchased for less than 5000 rupees. All of the helmets on this list may be purchased online and will be delivered to India at no additional cost.

Because it can shield your head in the event of a collision, wearing a helmet while you ride is the most effective way to reduce the risk of head injury. When purchasing a helmet, you should always be sure to check its level of impact absorption and durability before making a purchase.

Always make sure to buy a helmet of high-quality construction that has a long expected lifespan, and always make sure to replace the helmet if it has been hit by something or if it is getting on in years.