How to curl Your Hair with a Straightener?

It’s wayyyy easier than it looks.

By Gunjan Mehta | Updated 22/08/21

No matter what type of curl you’re trying to get, we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve tried all those old handmade tricks that other websites rave about and they haven’t worked for you, don’t give up! We fixed it with our new method! No matter the type of curl (beach curls, bouncy curls, or polished waves) you want to achieve.

But first, let’s talk about the tricks and traits of curling hair! Hair is a tricky thing that can be hard to work with at times. There are certain things stylists know when it comes to getting those perfect little strands every time.

For example, when heat styling curly hair always uses a thermal protective product. This is key to prevent breakage and keep the natural curl pattern of your locks! Curls are fragile by nature so this will help do your best to preserve them for you. Also be sure not to rough house with that head of curls, especially during washing. This can cause your curls to lose shape and you’ll be back at square one!

What many people don’t know is that all hair has a natural curl pattern. Some of us have what is called “s-curly” hair, while others are more like “z-curlers.” If you want to find out what curl pattern you have, all you need to do is take a strand of your hair and then let it go. If the curls bounce back up into their natural position or stay in place for a while before bouncing upwards, this means that your curls are z-shaped!

The trick? Don’t use a curling iron or wand. Just leave it as is and let your natural curls do their thing!

How to curl hair with a small straightener

Curling your hair at home can be a complicated task. Here are the essential steps to make the process as manageable and efficient as possible!

Step 1. Take a tiny portion of hair, holding it between your fingers.

Step 2. Wrap the hair around the iron, starting at one end of the strand, and rotating toward you until all of your hair is wrapped around the iron.

Step 3. Hold for a few seconds before releasing or moving on to another section. If needed, repeat this process again with an adjacent portion of hair.

Step 4. Continue until you have curled all of your hair, and then release it to create a natural wave or curl!

How to apply hair straightening cream?

The hair straightener cream helps you to achieve a more sleek look. It also helps to make the hair less frizzy and easier to manage for a whole day.

You can apply it to damp or dry hair. You should also recheck your locks after an hour as well since this is when most of these creams start working their magic.

To use straightening cream, you need a blow dryer with a round brush. You’ll also want to use your hands or hair clips so that it doesn’t get caught in the heat of the blow dryer and melts.

Here are some tips for using straightening cream:

  • Put it on damp hair if possible, since this will help protect against the heat.
  • Create a deep side part to make the hair easier to straighten
  • Apply it evenly from roots to ends, then use your hands or clips so that the cream doesn’t get caught in the blow dryer and melt.

You should start by applying heat for about five minutes, but don’t forget to check every couple of minutes.

  • Start with the lowest setting on your dryer to minimize heat damage and then go higher as needed
  • Use a small amount of cream for fine hair, and more if you have thick or curly locks.

If there are any parts that don’t look straight when they’ve been dried, give them an extra blast so that they’re straightened out.

Apply a hair serum or cream to lock the style in place for all-day wear.

You should always use heat protection before using any sort of heat styling tools, and try not to touch your locks too much with dry hands when you are done. It’s also important to avoid things like shampoos, conditioners, and soaps with mineral oil or silicone in them.


The straightener is a great tool to use if you want curls that are tight and defined. And, because the hair in curled sections can be tightened up with this technique, your curls will last longer. You may need to experiment with different types of heat settings before finding one that works for you–just make sure not too high or else it will damage your hair! If you have any questions let us know in the comments.