Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India

Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India

Which Ceiling Fans with light should you choose?

Here are our top-rated picks for 2023:

Ceiling Fans with Lights design
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By Gunjan Mehta | Updated 14/08/22

Ceiling fan with light plays an important role in every room. They are essential to make the ceiling shine and look more beautiful.

On the other hand, if you prefer to go for a ceiling fan with light, it is important to choose a ceiling fan that is proportionate to your Livingroom, and seamlessly blends without disrupting its overall style. For Indian men and women, finding the right ceiling fan having light can prove a bit more problematic than others.

However, We have tested many ceiling fans with light to make sure you will get the best one and you will not need another fan in long term.

We have selected Top 6 best ceiling fan with lights which are the best in the Indian market!

Best Ceiling Fan with light from Crompton, Bajaj, Usha, and Other Brands

Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India

Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights

Top Features:

  • Magnificent Carvings: The intricately carved metallic tinge combines the old-world charm and modern styles perfectly.
  • Decorative Lampshades: Build your space’s elegance with royal lighting.
  • Convenient Speed and Light control: To regulate the speed and light according to your convenience, pull the corresponding cord attached to the fan.

CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited, known as Crompton Greaves Limited, is a multinational Indian company engaged in the development, manufacture, and marketing of power generation, transmission, and distribution products. Crompton is one of India’s leading consumer companies with a brand history of 75+ years connected to high quality, durability, outstanding technical capacity, product design and inspires a tremendous amount of faith.

Ceiling fans have always been the go-to choice for India to beat the heat. Modern high-speed ceiling fans, as a cost-effective air circulator system, not only help to keep your home comfortable and breezy but can also bring beauty to your space.

The Crompton Uranus Ceiling fan combines beauty and utility. Along with the intricately designed lampshades, the stylish metallic shade renders the core design a focal point. In Uranus, the four-blade configuration guarantees optimal air delivery. Uranus is yet another masterpiece that gives rooms a superior feel and makes them warmer. The Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan has decorative lampshades to increase aesthetics and a comfortable speed and light power pull cable.


  • Facility to remove the lights if you have a low ceiling.
  • 100% copper motor
  • Dynamically balanced blades


  • Rotating bulbs are not available at all electrical stores

Usha Fontana One 1270mm Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights

Top Features:

  • Wider Blades for Higher Air Delivery and Speed: This fan’s larger rust-free aluminum blades offer better, more uniform, and cleaner ventilation over a large region of the room so that you can remain relaxed throughout the day.
  • Elegant Underlight with Stylish High Gloss Electroplated Motor: This chandelier influenced fan stands out due to the sleek electroplated motor with the removable underlight. The fan comes with extra attachments that allow you to use the fan both with and without underlight.
  • Convenient Speed and Light Control: For light and speed control, operate the fan easily with separate chain cords.

Usha Shriram Enterprises is an organization of many goods. They have a variety of Home & Institutional Lighting items, including all types of furniture & mattresses, pressure cookers & cookware, televisions & accessories, water & air purifiers, mobile phones, and CCTV cameras. Usha Ceiling fans come in diverse trendy styles, vivid colors, and creative designs and are a leading brand for fans in over 60 countries.

Usha Fontana One Decorative Lights 1270mm Ceiling Fan works well even at low voltage and has a 100% copper engine for high output and longer life. It makes a great ceiling fan with unparalleled looks paired with high performance, quiet performance, and durability.

In aerodynamics, Usha Fontana One 1270mm Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights not only combines the best, but also special aesthetics. For extended motor life, it has superior high permeability grade electrical steel lamination.


  • Fancy look
  • Produces less sound
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Pull cord only suitable for particular room height

Fanzart Monarch – Classical Cast Iron Housing 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

Top Features:

  • Pull Chain: For the retro look, the Fanzart Classical models come with a pull cord. Though practical, it can be bypassed and incorporated for simplicity with a switch & regulator or even a remote.
  • Whisper Quiet Technology: The Whisper Silent character of their fans is Fanzart’s largest USP. Fanzart’s fans are around 38dB.
  • Summer – Winter Feature: Fanzart fans come with an incorporated bi-directional feature, which ensures that you can determine which way the fan needs to spin with a single click of a button. The air is blown straight down to give a cold breeze while a fan is going anti-clockwise, while the warm air rises. This is the characteristic we need in the warm summers.

Fanzart, a Theme Group company, is a high-end premium fan brand that began in 2012 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. In terms of design, versatility as well as aesthetics, Fanzart strives to improve the ceiling fan. Fanzart describes a glamorous collection of furniture that not only serves the role of air ventilation but also improves the atmosphere by incorporating grace and elegance. 

Fanzart fans have natural hand-made wooden blades, Fanzart blades are designed to perfection. Hand-painted designs, the epitome of beauty, cause it to double as a stunning piece of home decor.

The name of Monarch Antique Wooden Ceiling Fans is a bit of a giveaway, but one which exudes regality is the fan. An antique touch is added by the combination of handmade patterns that adorn the blades and the pull-chain mechanism, which puts the Monarch in a separate style fan league. And it consumes less power than traditional ceiling fans.


  • Zero Maintenance
  • Hand Painted Blades
  • Power saving


  • Expensive

Usha Fontana Maple 1250mm Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights

Top Features:

  • Wider Blades for Higher Air Delivery and Speed: It has 5 wider aluminum blades that are rust-free.
  • Elegant Underlight with Stylish High Gloss Electroplated Motor: There are additional attachments for the fan that allow you to use the fan with and without underlight.
  • Convenient Speed and Light Control: Advantageously work the fan with isolated chain ropes for light and speed control.

Usha Shriram Enterprises is an association of numerous merchandise. Usha Ceiling fans come in assorted stylish styles, striking tones, and innovative plans and are the main brand for fans in more than 60 nations. They have an assortment of Home and Institutional Lighting things, including a wide range of furniture and sleeping cushions, pressure cookers and cookware, etc.

An epitome of grand looks and elegance is the Usha Fontana Maple ceiling fan. This extremely stylish Usha ceiling fan not only scores in beauty, but also offers enviable efficiency.

A prime example of beauty and optimal performance, the Usha Fontana ceiling fan features a superior air sweep of 1250mm. The Usha Fontana Maple fan provides a much broader air transmission along with a quicker rpm. Also in low voltage conditions, the Usha steel ceiling fan runs on 70watts of power and thus the output is undeterred.

Along with the three-speed pull cord control for speed control, the flexible underlight adds to the convenient use and also makes this an aesthetic accessory to have in any home or office.


  • Excellent performance characterized by high delivery and low noise
  • It has a gorgeous appearance to complement its exemplary performance.
  • Antique brass lampshade
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Two years’ manufacturer warranty.


  • The five blades make it a massive fan
  • A bit high in price

Orient Electric Spectra Under-Light 1200 mm Ceiling Fan with Remote

Top Features:

  • Copper motor: 320 RPM copper engine adds to the longevity of the fan and handles it with the utmost ease.
  • LED display: With 5 LED light displays, numerous color and intensity changes are possible.
  • Remote control: To customize the fan speed, it comes with a timer feature and 5-speed control.

Orient Electric Limited is part of the CK Birla Company, a diversified Indian conglomerate. It is one of India’s leading consumer electrical brands that sell fans, lighting, home appliances, and switchgear. They have a decorative, energy-consuming, strong variety of Orient ceiling fans.

Output wise, one of the best ceiling fans with lights and remote is Orient Electric Spectra Under Light 1200mm ceiling fan with remote. Appearance-wise, because of its premium finish, it is tempting.

A revolutionary Orient Electric ceiling fan that has 5-LED monitor choices to select from, remote controlled for ease of use with timer options and premium looks to match your room decor. It is usable in galvanized finishes. And it is supported with Timer control, LED light intensity correction, color shift system automatic & manual.


  • Durable
  • Warranty of 2 years
  • Extensive air coverage


  • The motor makes noise when running at low speeds

Usha Fontana Lotus 1230mm Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights

Usha is a popular and well-known electrical and home appliance brand in India. It is well known for its longevity and stability in terms of efficiency. They have a variety of Home and Institutional Lighting things, including a wide scope of furniture and resting pads, pressure cookers and cookware, and so on.

Unparallel looks combined with high performance, silent operation, and reliability make it a perfect ceiling fan for your home. The sleek and glossy look gives a touch of elegance to your rooms.

Usha Fontana Lotus 1230mm Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights performs well even at low voltage and it uses 100% copper motor, it gives high performance and longer life. And it has superior high permeability grade electrical steel lamination for improved motor life.


  • Nice glossy easy to clean finish
  • The beads do not rust unlike imported fans
  • Beautiful design


  • Little hard to install


However, it all goes down to your own preference. If you want to go normal and other types of ceiling fans you can check our list of top and best ceiling fan in india.

Aside from choosing the right ceiling fan ideas for your needs, it is also important to keep these ceilings in the right place. By strategically placing your ceiling fan in the right areas of your Livingroom, you can create an illusion that makes your ceiling look more beautiful than it actually is.