Best Recliners in India 2021

Compare affordable and stylish reclining chairs in the market

By Gunjan Mehta | Updated 05/08/21

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Our Top Picks
“The customers love its design and the comfort they feel when seated in it.”
“Compared to some other models that would require more force, lowering the leg support takes little effort.”
Best Modern Design:

AE Design’s Maroon Recliner

“The design and build of the product is very good with excellent material.”
“Compared to other it’s bit tall, which can make sitting upright difficult without recliner mode.”
“Pretty lightweight yet strong chair. You can easily fold it and put it away when not in use.”
“This versatile recliner is perfect for small spaces with its Leatherette finish.”
“Easy to clean, the material is very soft, and the padding is comfortable.”

Who needs a bed when you have recliners? They’re comfortable, stylish, and durable. Today’s reclining chairs feature handcrafted frames, luxe upholstery, high-density foam cushions with down fillings that are affordable too!

Whether you want a chair for your first apartment or home, these recliners come in every style and offer something that will fit any budget so there is surely one perfect for you.

The Furny Elisse One Seater Living Room Single Seater Recliner is a perfect way to relax after a long day at work. Made of solid wood, this recliner has blue fabric upholstery and it comes with an easy-to-assemble mechanism that will help you get it ready in no time. The recliner’s seat and back are both padded for extra comfort while its leg rest can be adjusted according to your preference. It also features armrests for added support.

The recliner is made to strict manufacturing processes and quality assurance. The product dimensions are 37 in by 39 in, making it a comfortable size for most people!

It’s sturdy and durable design will suit your needs no matter how much you want to put it to the test! Simply pull out the lever on its arm, extend your legs by pulling back onto footrest with heels until it locks in place, then sit down comfortably while folding up arms or reading a book or watching TV. You can assemble this item easily as well because of an easy-to-understand manual that comes along with every package so there are absolutely zero worries about being able to do anything yourself when assembling this product from scratch!

What Testers Say

“The leg support on this recliner is fairly easy to lower with just a push of pressure from below. Unlike some other chairs, it would not need much force at all in order to make the chair go into a laying position.”

Solimo Biela is a single seat recliner that comes with an attractive design and great comfort. Made of high-quality material, it is durable and can last for years. It has passed rigorous testing to ensure that the product meets the highest standards in terms of durability and safety.

The fabric does not lose color even after rubbing or washing several times. The seams are sturdy enough to withstand daily use for years without breaking down. The armrests are stable ensuring your safety while you relax on this single-seater recliner chair at home or in your office.

The lightweight body also makes moving this chair around your house hassle-free. It’s perfect if you’re a busy homeowner who loves checking in on their place often but never finds enough time to do so because they are always running off somewhere else!

It has a single seat and comes with 6 months manufacturer warranty. The product dimensions are 88.9 x 88.9 x 86.36 cm, which are ideal for any home setting. The color of this recliner is maroon and it comes with a glossy finish, making it look more stylish than other products in the market today. It is made up of plywood which makes it light in weight and easy to move from one place to another if required without any hassle at all.

This AE Design’s recliner has a classy and elegant appeal. It features an adjustable backrest which enables you to adjust its position according to your comfort level. This product also has padded armrests which make it more comfortable to sit on.

What Testers Say

“The texture of the fabric is a little rough, which means it will hold onto pet hair. This is something to keep in mind if you also have pets and are considering buying.”

This high-quality recliner is made from durable and long-lasting seams to ensure longevity. Its fabric color does not fade with rubbing, so it looks like new for a very long time. With an attractive chocolate color that evokes thoughts of comfort, this comfortable chair will be your elegant addition in any room you put it!

It has been tested to last for 25,000 cycles with 100 kg on the backrest and seat so you can feel secure that it will not break down or collapse when sitting in it every day. The armrests are very durable as well; they have gone through 10,000 cycle strength tests without any problem whatsoever!

The performance of this recliner meets the European Standard EN 1728, which is why it also satisfies the demands for safety standards set forth by the EU. This means that you can feel safe from toxins and harmful chemicals like AZO Dye, lead, and formaldehyde!

EQUAL Zero Gravity Recliner Chair is a perfect solution for people who suffer from back pain or other issues that make sitting uncomfortable. The reclining position of this chair provides your legs with the freedom to stretch out fully and relieves pressure on your back by gently bending it into a more natural, upright position. You can adjust the chair to any angle you need to find maximum comfort while reading, watching TV, or just relaxing.

The Sturdy mesh polyester material provides maximum support and airflow to keep you comfortable and cool. The chair has a maximum loading capacity of 150kgs, ensuring that it will not break or fold under excessive weight. The easy locking levers adjust and lock the chair to any position from upright to fully laid-back & comes with a headrest.

What Testers Say

“After a long and stressful day, it’s nice to relax on the cushions. They are soft and comfortable”

The Couch Cell is a manual recliner that has been designed to provide you with maximum comfort and relaxation. This product has been made from high-quality wood, which ensures its durability for years to come. It can be used in any room of your house or office as it blends well with all kinds of interiors. The assembly procedure is very simple and does not require any tools or professional help for installation. You just need to follow the instructions provided along with this product and you will be able to assemble it.

From the moment you take a seat in it, ultimate tranquillity and contentment will fill your senses with relief while relaxing both body and mind. With its stunning design that is ideal for any room of your house, this recliner provides an economical option to luxury furniture pieces without sacrificing on quality or comfort!

If you’re tired of your old recliner, it’s time to try the Royaloak Recliner. It comes with a german recliner mechanism that is perfect for those days where stress just knots up in your shoulders and neck.

It’s is the perfect choice for your living room. It features a premium suede fabric that gives it an elegant look and feel. It has a sleek and stylish design that will look great in your living room or bedroom. Its pocket springs provide extra comfort while you are relaxing in it. This chair comes with a 10-day warranty on manufacturing defects.

What Testers Say

“The chair rocks and reclines to give you maximum comfort as you watch TV, read a book or just relax after a long day.”

Best recliners in India

What to Look for in a Recliner


Today’s modern designs offer a wide variety of styles, from classic to modern and everything in between – some don’t even look like they have reclining capabilities! You’ll also need to decide what type of fabric you want – such as leather, microfiber, or linen – that will match your style. The key is in looking for a model that will fit your specific needs and blend well with any preexisting decor.


You have two options when it comes to recliners and their control mechanisms. The old-fashioned lever allows you more precision in adjusting how far back your chair leans, but the electronic controls are often easier for an individual who may not be as strong or coordinated to operate. You’ll also need a plug nearby if you go with this option since they do require power.

Extra features

Recliners in India come with a variety of features that can make them more convenient and comfortable, such as massages or built-in phone chargers. These extra features tend to cost more money though, so be sure you know what your priorities are before purchasing one.

Final Verdict

The Furny Elisse One Seater Recliner is the perfect chair for any living room or entertainment area. This classy, slim-profile reclining chair will fit in most spaces and provide comfort while you relax with your favorite snacks! If a more luxurious experience is what you’re looking for, consider checking out Solimo Musca Single Seater Fabric Recliner.