Best Inverters for Home Use in India 2021

Keep the power flowing with this best UPS

By Gunjan Mehta | Updated 05/08/21

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Our Top Picks
Best Overall:

Luminous Zelio+

Best Noiseless UPS:

Microtek Pure Sinewave UPS

Best Digital Inverter:

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200

Best Design:

LUMINOUS Zolt 1100

Best Capacity:

Luminous Hkva 2 Kva

Buying an inverter is one of the most important purchases for businesses and individuals who rely on their electronic devices all day, every day. One minute without power can turn into a disaster in some cases. Best a good inverter can prevent disaster striking when the power is cut. It seamlessly switches from battery power to back up in emergencies so you’re never left powerless again.

There are many different best inverters for homes and businesses, which is why we have included a guide to help you choose the best option. Home users will need something that can provide enough power to keep their router or computer running if there’s an outage while business owners might prefer one with more capacity so it doesn’t overload during peak hours. We’ve listed our favorite options below without ranking them because they all serve different purposes!

Here are the best UPS & Inverters available in India for all needs and budgets.

Item Weight: 5.95 kg | Back Up Time: 8 hrs | Output Voltage: 220V -230V

The Luminous Zelio+ 1100/12V inverter is the perfect solution to your power needs. Not only does it provide a reliable and safe source of electricity, but its 32-bit DSP processor keeps all connected appliances in tip top shape with an intelligent battery management system that ensures reliability at every turn.

You can select the UPS mode or Eco mode to power your appliances. The UPS option ensures safety by maintaining output voltage within a range of 180 V to 260 V, while in the Eco Mode battery consumption is reduced as you extend that range from 180 V-260V.

You can use the bypass switch to allow your devices to have power without having any changes in wiring. This inverter is well-protected from short circuits, battery overcharge, and deep discharge thanks its pure sinewave output that ensures safety. Also it has low harmonic distortion so you can carry on with work uninterrupted by noise.

What Testers Say

“Other inverters display back-up time during power cuts, but this model displays the remaining time left for charging as well.”

Item Weight: 9 kg 400 g | Capacity: 950 VA | Output Power : 760 Watts

The Microtek UPS EB Series is the most popular and reliable of its kind. Coming with many features, this system can be operated in standard voltage range from 100V~300V or narrow voltage range from 180-260 volts; it has a voltage range selection switch for your convenience!

Microtek Pure Sinewave UPS are designed with the latest state-of-the-art technology, giving you an efficient and reliable system. The design of this product is based off a Micro Controller which uses intelligent control for better performance at low cost. With its Sine Wave Output, it can run loads up to 560 Watts without any problem so if you’re looking for something that will last years while saving on your energy bill then look no further.

What Testers Say

“This inverter is working well and the noise level is low. One thing to note though, it’s only capable of operating appliances that use less than 500 watts in capacity.”

Item Weight: 9.5 kg | Output Power: 800 W | Back Up Time: 8 hrs

This device is compatible for LCD/LED TVs (up to 124.46 cm), water pumps (0.5 HP Monobloc) as well as an inverter refrigerator (up to 260 L). It’s also able switch between loads of 1000W when switched into the Appliance mode, perfect for any home appliance that doesn’t need a large amount of energy; anything from lamps or even laptops will work great on this powerful inverter system!

User Selectable Output lets customers choose how much power they want out their device on an hourly basis while checking data like number of power cuts per week and duration so users know when situations arise where more back-up power may need to be used.

The Turbo Charge function can charge batteries up as much as six times faster than normal and during summertime blackouts or brownouts, this comes in handy. It has an auto-function that reminds you of the battery’s distilled water levels, so your inverter will be working at its best for longer periods of time. This V-Guard Smart Pro inverter has been ergonomically designed with LED display icons that inform you about low back-up, overload, short circuit.

Item Weight: 4.88 kg | Output Power: 220V-230V | Back Up Time: 2 hrs

This smart inverter is powered by a 32-bit DSP processor and can optimize the back-up and battery charging, based on your needs. Its intuitive LCD display will give you essential information like backup time, charge time, Eco/UPS mode status; as well as system fault indication to keep things running smoothly. The low harmonic distortion ensures that sensitive appliances are safe during operation without causing any noise disturbance in your home environment

This inverter is equipped with an in-built alarm management system to warn you if there are any errors, wrong wiring, battery overcharge or overloads. It also has a low voltage warning which alerts you when the power supply reaches below 12 volts and will automatically shut down your device as soon as it reaches 5% charge – giving off enough time for safe shutdown before being completely drained of energy. In addition to this safety feature, the unit operates on two modes: Eco Mode where battery usage is reduced due to extended voltages ranges between 180V-260 V; while UPS mode provides protection against faults that may occur from sudden surges or improper use.

What Testers Say

“Apart from the fact that it only works to fix a certain voltage range and the fan make some noise, this is a good product.”

Item Weight: 11.2 kg | Output Voltage: 230V | Back Up Time: 3 hrs

The Microtek UPS SEBz series is a micro controller design based, and it comes with many user friendly features. It has voltage range selection switch that can be operated in standard voltage ranges from 100V~300V or narrow-ranged voltages of 180v to 260 volts depending on your requirements. This ensures noiseless safe operation along with longer battery backup since the charging current 10% of rated battery currents in AH are used for this purpose so as not to shorten its life span too soon.

Microtek offers a variety of unique UPS 24×7 models that are designed to suit your needs. Whether you need an in-built bypass switch, IBGM (Intelli Battery Gravity Management) technology, or battery type selection and voltage range switches with IPS Technology for lower power consumption rates, Microtek has the right one for you!

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What Testers Say

“This unit produces a perfect 80+ efficiency, with no humming and various charging voltage, amperage, and battery type settings available on the back panel for you to tinker with.”

Item Weight: 9 kg | Back Up Time: 8 hrs | Output Voltage : 200-220v

This Exide Pure Sine Wave inverter is a top model which offers the latest in intelligent features to ensure your electronic gadgets are safe. The product includes three Auto Sense modes, with LCD and LED displays for easy navigation. Additionally, it has an exclusive copper transformer that saves power so you can run appliances longer without worrying about draining all of your batteries!

With so many models to choose from, it can be hard to find the right inverter for your needs. The copper coil provides a long-lasting solution that has low conversion loss and is at this price range all other brands are offering aluminum coils with one even not specifying their material used! With good build quality plus digital display, Exide Inverters have everything you need in an affordable package.

What Testers Say

“A UPS designed for home use suits a large variety of input voltages, but the input voltage is matched to the mains without any regulation. This happens before battery power kicks in. “

Item Weight: 20 kg 600 g | Power: 1600 watts | Operating voltage: 180 volts

The Luminous Hkva 2 Kva UPS can handle heavy loads like AC, Geyser, Petrol Pumps, Photocopiers, and Dental Chairs. It has a beautiful easy to understand display that shows the status of mains availability as well as battery charging levels among other things. The adaptive Battery Charging Control System technology ensures faster battery charging time for your equipment while simultaneously enhancing their life span making this one worth buying!

You will be able to enjoy a pure sine wave output that ensures safety, noiseless operation of connected appliances, as well as high over-load handling capacity for installation and maintenance-friendly work. The battery management system also enhances life up until 70%.

What Testers Say

“The inverter was tested to 1500 watts capacity, and the devices ran smoothly after starting from the grid.”

Best inverters for home use in India

What to Look for in a UPS & Inverters for Home Use

Power, watts and VA rating

Understanding the basics about watts can be very daunting, and choosing a UPS based on its power capabilities is even more complicated. In layman’s terms, VA (volt-amps) ratings are used to measure how many amps it will output at one time while wattage tells you how much energy your unit consumes in that same period of time.

As the power consumption of consumer electrical equipment is measured in watts, you should ensure that your UPS has enough capacity to accommodate all connected devices.


You’ll want to get an idea of how long you can run your equipment before it starts shutting down. Of course, this is highly variable and depends on the types of equipment that are connected, as well as their power consumption levels.

You can calculate inverter usage by the Watts, for instance, a tube light will be 20W, a fan will be 50W and the computer will about 110W. If your UPS says 1125VA then you should get up to 800-900VA at one time.

User-replaceable batteries

Although batteries for UPS units have a finite lifespan, it is usually around 5 or more years. However replaceable battery options are available to save you money in the long run and prevent an unnecessary replacement. Make sure your unit has this feature before buying one!

Sine waveform output:

It is important to know that not all power supplies are created equally. Some cheap ones may cause a sine wave simulation on the UPS which could result in some problems with your equipment. For additional peace of mind, it’s best to find one where they can provide pure and reliable output so there won’t be any issues.

Final Verdict

Comparing the best uninterruptable power supply systems is not an easy task. For a start, you need to know what your needs are and how much money you want to spend on these crucial devices. We recommend checking out the Luminous Zelio+ Inverter not only it provides consumers with reliable power it also protects all your connected appliances.

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