Best Air Pump for Car in India 2021

You’ll never have to fear a flat tire again with these portable car air pumps

By Gunjan Mehta | Updated 05/08/21

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Bergmann Typhoon

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TIREWELL 12V Digital Air Pump

We all know the importance of checking tire pressure regularly, but what most people don’t realize is that tires can lose air over time even if you have not had a puncture. Owning your own air pump for car or tire inflator means you keep an eye on your car’s performance and make sure they’re in their optimal range for optimum safety. Purchasing one will be worth it because this small investment helps to save money by making sure your vehicle lasts as long as possible without any costly repairs down the line!

No matter what type of vehicle you own, owning an electric air pump for car will always be a great idea because as we all know, maintenance is key! If your vehicle has been experiencing decreased tire pressure lately (especially during colder seasons) then having one handy should help keep things running smoothly so accidents like these won’t happen again.

Here are the best air pump for car available in India for all needs and budgets.

Item Weight: 1 kg | Cable: 12.10 feet | Power off: Auto

The TUSA car tyre inflator is a powerful and fast air compressor. It is made of heavy-duty materials and comes with a 1-year warranty. It has a power of 12V DC, which allows you to use it for inflating tires on cars, motorcycles, bikes, or sports equipment in no time. It also features an LED light that makes the whole process easier. You can also attach the hose to the tire valve without any problem thanks to its swivel connector. The auto cut-off feature prevents overheating when overused or left on.

TUSA is a global manufacturer of compressors and air tools. TUSA products are designed to provide high performance, durability, and excellent value for money. It can inflate a tire from flat to 30 PSI in under 4 minutes. And thanks to the 12.10 feet (3.70 M) cable you can reach any of the four tires irrespective of how far they are from the ignition point.

What Testers Say

“Tusa’s car tyre inflater is sturdy, easy to use, and will help owners air up their tires quickly if they find themselves in an emergency.”

Item Weight: 800 g | Voltage: 12 Volts | Wattage: 150 Watts

Typhoon Digital Heavy-Duty Metal Tyre Inflator is the best inflate tool that not only works quickly but also does it efficiently. The 100% copper motor powers this sturdy, safe and durable product with a range of features to suit everyone’s needs. It can be plugged in your car’s cigarette lighter socket for power while you fix up the hose brass valve on your tyre and set desired target pressure before switching the ON switch button which will get most tyres from 0 to 30 psi in just about 2 minutes!

The high-quality braided rubber hose is heat and tear-resistant. The durable metal body is grounded by anti-vibration rubber feet to prevent unwanted movement, the design of which requires no maintenance! There are extra nozzles for inflating inflatable toys or balls in case you needed them as well!

What Testers Say

“It is able to pump a four-wheeler tire from 20 psi to 35 psi in 1 minute and 12 seconds. Two-wheelers in 38 seconds and bicycles are done in 32 seconds. The cable length is acceptable but a little more would have been preferred.”

Item Weight: 1 kg 150 g | Power cord: 10-foot | Air hose: 23.6-inch

The AmazonBasics Compact Portable 12-Volt tyre inflator with Carrying Case is a great tool for the everyday driver. Making sure your tyres are at optimum pressure means increased safety, better gas mileage and tire life! With adjustable length to reach any tyre on the vehicle, you can be assured that all four of your tires will have optimal inflation levels quickly and easily.

The tyre inflator works effectively on tyres ranging from scooters and motorcycles up to cars at 120 PSI maximum rating. With two adapters and spare fuse included for different kinds of tires, it can also be used to inflate basketballs or footballs as well! The digital gauge on the inflator displays at a glance what pressure you’re pumping up your car with while its built-in LED light provides useful illumination when needed.

Item Weight: 700 g | Wattage: 120 Watts | Voltage: 12 Volts

If the pressure in your tires drops too low, it can cause trouble on the road. The 10 ft cord and 22-inch hose of Woscher Pro Power Tyre Inflator with 20 minutes continuous working time can inflate your tire from 0-35 PSI in only 2 minutes!

The tire inflator doesn’t walk around on the ground during use thanks to its 4 round stable rubber feet. It decreases shake and noise, saving you from re-placing it all day long or damaging your pump in the process.

Get your tyres inflated with one button. Startup the car engine, connect our air compressor to it and press power for inflation then set pressure, automatically turning off once desired amount is reached. Comes equipped with 2 extra inflator nozzle adapters so you can inflate tires of bicycles or other recreation vehicles too!

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What Testers Say

“Decent performance for the price. Filling tires quickly, but also lost some air while unscrewing.”

Item Weight: 1 kg 730 g | Maximum Capacity: 150 psi | Rated Power: 150W

This product includes an oil-less compressor, which ensures maintenance-free operation for years to come. The inbuilt LED light lets you use the air pump whenever low/no light conditions are present while also allowing users to switch between flicker or lit mode as needed! It weighs less than 2 Kg so it’s easy to carry around anywhere on your travels with ease too – just don’t forget about its compact size either because this makes handling all types of jobs quick and simple!

The 180 W input power allows this device to work at a maximum of 150 PSI pressure and 15 AMP current—enough to inflate any size or type of vehicle tires including heavy-duty commercial truck tyres! This machine has a superior quality heat-proof rubber air hose with an airflow capacity of 40 LPM that stretches up to 3 meters long so no matter what your location you’ll have all bases covered in one fell swoop. To top off its has anti-vibration rubber feet that help to prevent unwanted movement. Every package comes with an extra fuse just in case something goes wrong.

What Testers Say

“This pump is fast and a lifesaver for emergency situations. Readings are accurate but it gets automatically turned off after +1 PSI reading (e.g., if you set 32 psi, it will shut off at 33 psi).”

Item Weight: 350 g | Voltage: DC 12V | Maximum Air Flow : 35 psi

Have you ever been out on a road trip and had one of your tires deflate? If so, then TIREWELL Portable Auto Air Pump with LED Light is the perfect product for you. With this tire inflator, there’s no need to worry about getting stranded or making an emergency phone call when something goes wrong during your travels. The air compressor plugs directly into a 12V cigarette lighter plug in any car without needing additional power cords that would get tangled up inside the vehicle while driving down highways at high speeds!

It’s compact and lightweight too. For big Tyre like Volvo 245 R20, it takes quite a bit of time around 7 – 10 mins but it’s not an issue with its automatic cutoff function that will turn off when desired PSI is reached for optimal inflation without overheating.

What Testers Say

“Very small-sized compact inflator. Increase 1-2 psi more than desired set point. It is slightly noisy but you can manage considering the price. “

Item Weight: 1 kg 190 g | Voltage: DC 12V | Maximum Air Flow : 50 psi

The MICHELIN Fast Flow Digital Tyre Inflator is perfect for those who need to inflate their tyres quickly. This impressive motor can fill your tyre from flat to 30 PSI in just 4 minutes, while you sit back and relax!

The electric air pump makes tire inflation quick and easy without any hassle while giving accurate pressure measurements from 0-50 psi within +/- 1psi margins inside its digital display screen. It also has LED lights in case you’re using it at night time! The package includes an air hose of 60cms as well as a power cord length of 300cm so take your pick on which will suit your needs better!

What Testers Say

“The air pump can be read in three different units (PSI, bar, kPa), and the build quality is exceptional. It’s heavier than most gauges of this size because it has solid construction.”

Best Air Pump for Car in India

What to Look for in a Air Pump

Portability and Storage

The air compressor you choose should be easy to move around the car, and able to reach all tires with as little effort as possible. If you plan on storing your air compressor in the trunk when it’s not being used, it will need a compact size so that doesn’t take up much space.


When it comes to choosing the right air pump, you have a lot of options and features. For example, do you want preset settings or manual input? Do you need an automatic shut-off feature once your desired pressure has been reached? The more convenient devices will be pricier but if that convenience is worth it to get things done quickly then they are well worth saving up for!

Inflation Time

When looking for the best portable air compressors, one of the first things you should check to see is how long it takes before your flat tire is full. This will give an indication as to how fast this unit works and whether or not you are able to take care of a roadside emergency quickly enough without being in danger while stranded there too long.

Tire Size

There are two types of tire inflators: one that can inflate large tires and the other, smaller. You should find out which type will work with your car’s needs before you buy it or else it will be just a fancy paperweight in your trunk!

Final Verdict

There are many different types of air pumps on the market with a variety of features. The six we looked at were all capable of inflating cars, bikes, and truck tyres but also had adapters to inflate other products like cycle or football. We recommend checking out the TUSA Digital Car Tyre Inflator not only it provides an accurate pressure measurement it also comes with 2-year warranty & a carry bag.

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