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Welcome to TaazaCoupons – a place built with an aim to help people discover, connect and shop the best brands.

At the beginning of 2021, we set out to build this community that would serve as a go-to destination for consumers who are looking for emerging products from companies that care about their customers.

Our Mission Is To Help You Discover The Right Item For Your Next Purchase

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to find trustworthy brands online, but our goal is to change that by writing impartial reviews of these companies and their goods.

We do this by providing an unbiased evaluation of a company and its product before recommending it based on your needs.

Our Review Process

We spend hours researching the products, brands and consumer experiences so that you don’t have to.

We do not allow any brands to pay for inclusion or control the content of our articles. Our opinions about a product are genuine and unbiased.

We promise to do our best to provide you with helpful reviews and helpful information about your online shopping. Our goal is to save you time by providing the most accurate information about your options.

We have all the shipping and return information, product features, customer reviews, etc. that you need before making a decision about whether to buy a sewing machine or any other products.

Our Team

Given the extensive experience of our editorial team members, as well as their previous work experience on some of the leading publications in their field, you can rest assured that we have tried and tested everything for you.

TaazaCoupons Writer - Gunjan Mehta

Gunjan Mehta

Expertise: Tech & Privacy

Gunjan has 5 years of experience covering TaazaCoupons. At TaazaCoupons, he writes about various home appliances including grills, chimneys, power equipment and more. He is also a classically trained chef who loves cooking in his free time.

Anugrah Pateriya Writer

Anugrah Pateriya

Expertise: Gadgets, Kitchen 

Anugrah is our youngest writer from Gurugram. He loves writing about technology and latest gadgets. His favorite hobbies are reading books on self-development to help him grow personally and professionally.

Reema Chakrabarti

Expertise: Home, Kitchen, Decor

Reema Chakrabarti is a home and appliances writer at TaazaCoupons, providing coverage on topics such as kitchen appliances, home decor and shooting. Her contributions have been published in the New York Times and she has also been featured on Yourstory.

Varsha kaverappa writer

Varsha Kaverappa

Senior Editor

Previously, Varsha was an editor and writer at Josh Talks. Her primary interests are travel, home decor, organizing the house as well as personal finance. She graduated from Amity University with a bachelor’s degree in English.

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